Bulk Red Roses

Enjoy the perks of buying beautiful long stem red roses at wholesale prices! Bulk Red Roses are the best bang for your buck. Purchasing bulk roses is ideal for centerpieces or DIY projects. This is made affordable as we provide the best prices within the Greater Toronto Area!

Our bulk roses come in farm packaging. Therefore they remain in the cellophane and cardboard to ensure that they do not get damaged. Because of this, the product is not only more cost efficient, but gives you the opportunity to do whatever you please with them!

The Bulk Roses Include:

  • Bulk red roses
  • farm packaging (cellophane and cardboard boxes)

We Deliver!

Trying to transport such a large amount of flowers can be difficult if you do not have the proper mode of transportation. With our help, you will receive your bulk roses in perfect condition.  With no stress on contemplating how they will fit in your vehicle. Therefore this guarantees that the flowers will come to you in the best condition, as though you picked them yourself!

Moreover, if that option interests you, please contact us at or call at 416-568-8009 for delivery within the Greater Toronto Area.