Canadian Ready-To-Eat Fruits

Help celebrate Canada Day, or any national holiday, with this delightful assorted fruit arrangement. The Canadian Ready-To-Eat Fruits arrangement is sure to be a crowd favourite, incorporating delicious fruit in a beautiful manner therefore providing a dessert pleasing to both the stomach and eye!

The only way to make this festive fruit platter better is by adding a sweet treat! Holidays are not only about celebrating and spending time with your loved ones, but relaxing and indulging. So add a chocolate basket to your order to truly indulge in your favourite things with your favourite people.

Not a fan of chocolate? How about a beautiful bouquet of freshly cut flowers? Not only will they be visually stunning, but add a delightful floral scent to any room.

This Canadian Ready-To-Eat Fruits Includes:

This order can be customized, so feel free to inquire about your options!

  • 28 deliciously ripe strawberries
  • 6 spears of honeydew
  • 6 flower shaped pineapple slices
  • 7 grapes
  • kale
  • a basket

We Deliver!

What’s better than a carefully curated fruit arrangement? Having said arrangement delivered of course! Take the stress off of your shoulders and allow us to deliver this delicious Canadian Ready-To-Eat Fruits arrangement to you or your loved one!

To conclude, if this service appeals to you (how could it not!) contact us at and 1 416-568-8009.