Classic Snowballs Chocolate

Our Classic Snowballs Chocolate is absolutely hard to resist. The exquisite taste will leave you wanting more and more. This remarkable treat features a vanilla cream center, which is further hand-dipped in Belgian dark chocolate. Then it is hand-coated on freshly shredded coconut. Therefore, this is a multi-layer chocolaty party. You will be in chocolaty heaven just after one bite of these luscious snowballs. Similarly, the fine coconut topping is making every bite extra special.

Aromatic and overflowing with perfect flavor, our Classic Snowballs Chocolate are a package of happiness. Serve the sweetest delicacies on the special eve to your guests and double the joy. Above all, think of the precious smile that will play on the face of your dear ones after eating such a gourmet item. They will absolutely relish every inch of it.

Similarly, combine this gift box with a flower bouquet and refresh the mind and soul of its recipient. You can also add a cute teddy bear, some more chocolates, and balloons from our extra gift range.

Classic Snowballs Chocolate is a Product of Great Work!

Do you know our kitchen is just not a kitchen but a delicious experimental lab where our experts keep on trying lush recipes? Only the best one is selected and come in regular practice. Similarly, these snowballs are a product of that great effort. They have blended chocolate and coconut together and the resulting product is an excellent dessert. We use only a traditional premium recipe to make the finest products like these.

You will realize the great work of our artisans after eating these luscious items. It’s a guarantee you have never tasted such a delicious form of chocolates before. Your love for chocolate truffles will become infinity after having these. If you want to buy these best chocolate truffles, then do visit GTA Gift Baskets. Order your truffles now!