Holiday Chocolate

Get ready to deeply indulge in our royal Holiday Chocolate. This box is full of velvety smooth chocolate bites. Our gourmet dessert is combining rich ganache, smooth Belgian chocolate, luscious bitter, pure cane sugar and organic cream. These are all natural and high quality ingredients just ready to make a perfect chocolate dessert.

Above all, each piece is finest and handmade under observation of our dedicated staff. Our master chocolatiers have made it with a unique recipe. Holiday Chocolate is just perfect for super snacking during celebratory events. Gift to your loved ones on any special day to make it an unforgettable eve!

Also, this savory treat is packed in a premium quality gift box. This will keep it crunchy and fresh for a longer period of time. These items are made in revolving kettles by using only the best couverture quality chocolate and fresh dried fruit nuts. So open the door to chocolate heaven by having this exquisite chocolate box.

Holiday chocolate is a Lush Treat for Taste Buds!

Are you bored of those same chocolate desserts every time? Give your taste buds the most exotic change by eating these premium chocolate bites. This is double treat for chocolate lovers and dry fruits lovers. This delectable treat is absolutely a different thing and the melting of that delicious chocolate in mouth is really heart throbbing. Each morsel features the richest taste of chocolate ever!

Surprise your sweetheart with this sweet gift. She will absolutely love your gift selection. While chocolate will melt in her mouth, her heart will melt with the warmth of your love for her.
Do send a
flower bouquet with this gift box and leave a permanent impression of your love on her heart. If you want to make it more special, then do add some little cute things from our extra gift range. So, place your order now from GTA Gift baskets today.