Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny

Eastern festivities are exciting, so is our Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny. It is an honor for GTA Gift Baskets to be a part of such celebrations by bringing this extra delicious chocolate product to you.

Make this festival the sweetest one in memory by gifting this handy chocolate treat to loved ones on this day. Children will absolutely love you for this little cute surprise. While giving this bunny to your honey, do give a beautiful flower bouquet along with this gift. This will absolutely make her feel very special for you.

Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny is particularly an Easter-themed product, so that you can convey your true love at this time of happiness and joy. This chocolate art is one of a kind work by our experts. Similarly, the presentation of this gourmet chocolate is making it an irresistible product. They will eat it with in no time. Above all, the finest dark chocolate is on this disposable stick, so that chocolate melts in your mouth and your fingers remain clean.

How we prepare this Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny?

Our master chocolatiers do a great amount of hard work to make this crafty item. They start this recipe only with the organic and fair trade certified beat dark chocolate. Then, they melt it on a medium heat and pour the mixture in a special three dimensional designed mold. The bunnies then go on our tumbler table for a little dance on order to remove any sort of air bubble by tapping. After a short nap in our fridge, the Choco bunnies are pulled out from their molds. Besides using the dark chocolate, we give a give a little touch of milk chocolate too.

So get your Choco bunny from Gift Basket Toronto. Also, add a soft teddy bear, some bite size chocolates and bright balloons to your gift and send this overloaded cuteness to your loved ones.