Fruit Tray Arrangements

Gift them our Fruit Tray Arrangements and see that satisfactory smile on their face. This basket by GTA Gift Baskets is perfect for smart and fitness seeking peeps. therefor a rich intake of vitamins and nutrients will keep their skin glowing. In other words, this organic basket is no less than a treasure of healthful nutrients. They will enjoy this fruit gift basket.


  • Juicy Dragon Fruit slices
  • Citrus Star fruit
  • Season’s Fresh Pineapple Daises
  • Best Quality Strawberries
  • Orchard fresh Red Cherries
  • Want to Know How We prepare These Baskets?

Let’s have a tour of the journey of preparing this amazing basket. Variety of fruits grow in orchard garden. fruits under sunlight and fertilizers, they grow and get nourished with variety of vitamin and source of sugar. When they get ripe, that is time for our shop freshest fruits  we delier to you home.

Then we put them this tray. They are free of artificial additives and preservatives. Therefore, ensure an absolutely natural gift basket. Therefor our baskets come with luscious gift basket for special occasions. Send them this gourmet basket with floral arrangement so they can have multiple joys at the same time. Make this gift a memorable one!

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Yes, you can easily order this gift basket from the tropical fruit gourmet Basket Toronto. You can also add a plush teddy bear, some 75% chocolates and flowers to your gift basket. So stop wowing just have yours in hand right now!