Its a Girl Fruits

Surprise the new parents with a vibrant It’s a Girl! Fruits gift set. It is an absolutely delicious way to fulfil all the nutritional requirements of new mommies. During pregnancy and after birth, mothers should take great care of their diet. They should always go for healthy eating. Specially her diet should include lots of minerals and vitamins to help her body revive its strength.

Therefore, it is lush gift rich with minerals, vitaminsand antioxidants. These healthy nutrients will not only be healthy for mothers but also for babies. Whatever mother eats, will directly affect the health of baby. So eat healthy for a healthy growth of baby.

Above all, this gift is brimming with the tasteful fruits likepineapples, cantaloupe, strawberry, papaya, cherry and kiwi. Every fruit is an exquisite blend of juice texture and heavenly flavor. New parents will find this gift the most useful as it will provide them nutritious snacks on hand. They can enjoy it whole heartedly.

Its a Girl Fruits is a Dream Gift!

We have made this fruit bouquet with the freshest and pure fruits. Usually the fruits in fruit bouquets are damaged and not fresh. But in this gift set contains the fruits chosen from the best farms to ensure high quality fruits for the mothers. Every bite of these fruits is the juiciest bite rich in healthful nutrients.Therefore, this is undoubtedly a divinely gift.

A Perfect Gift Indeed!

Start the trend of gifting healthy gifts in this era of health conscious people. GTA Gift Baskets has created a basket full of nature’s juicy gifts. Gift this beautiful It’s a Girl! Fruits to your dear ones.
You can
make it more worthy by adding some yummy chocolates, a fluffy teddy bear and colorful balloons to the gift. Moreover, you can also send refreshing flowers with this wonderful gift bouquet.