Newborn Baby Eatable Fruit

Newborn Baby Eatable Fruit is an irresistible combination of fruity treats for the new parents. These lip smacking fruits come from the world’s best orchards.
Our experts have arranged these delightful fruits in a beautiful pattern in a snail shaped pot. Therefore, this is a divine set of tastes and textures. Gifting such a generous gift
will surely promote a healthy relationship between you and the new parents.

Make anyone’s day extra sweet by gifting them our freshest Newborn Baby Eatable Fruit. This gift is ultimately the sweetest way to surprise new mommies. Above all, our chef has sliced this wonderful grab-and-go in an exquisite pattern.

Similarly, this is absolutely healthy fruit gift basket for the mom and the baby. The variety of fruits will provide a varietals of nutrients to them. Therefore, this is an indulging masterpiece. This pot features

  • Cantaloupe Wedges
  • Honeydew Wedges
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Newborn Baby Eatable Fruit brings You an Endless Variety!

Tickle their palate from citrus to sweet flavors one flavor by giving them this great collection of fruits. Not only simple fruits, but this basket also contains Chocolate covered strawberries.
So this basket is a perfect blend of seasonal
fresh fruits and chocolaty items. Above all, our premium honey dew wedges are the fresh and crisp variety. Their intense sweetness and juicy texture makes them ideal for eating raw.

Fruits are a great treasure of nutrients and they should always be a part of mother’s daily diet. For that purpose, we have created this beautiful assortment of fruit. If she gets bored of the same fruit, she can eat Choco fruit combo too. So send this goodness to your dear ones!

Have your Fruit Pot!

Get your Newborn Baby Eatable Fruit now from GTA Gift Baskets. You can also get it delivered to your loved ones. Make it even more remarkable gift by adding a teddy bear, some chocolates, balloons and a fresh flower bouquet to your gift hamper.