A Godiva Delight receptacle is all that you need to alter your partner’s mood. Yes, it does wonders when you give this basket of luscious products to your angry mate. It has that magic which fills your heart with love and replaces the rage with softness because it’s all about chocolate.

Couple this delight with a rose bouquet and a perfect wedding gift is ready! As always chocolates go best with red roses. Godiva is such an inviting basket that you can pair it up with almost anything as a gift for any occasion; romantic to casual. It won’t disappoint you. 

Best basket to express Love

A trillion ways to express love, but chocolates and roses make the best combination. If you are going to confess your love to your darling, buy her this fancy basket with flowers. It’s going to work awesome. 

Not only this, you can use it as a gift for several purposes. For instance, if your sweetheart and you aren’t on good terms, refresh your relationship by sending Godiva delight basket their way. If you would like to add something more to it; add a card written upon heart melting words of love. This is going to hit the target. 

Similarly it makes a perfect valentine’s gift, just order some fresh long stem roses along with it and boom, your gift is ready to exhilarate your love. 

Basket of chocolate wonders

Mouth-watering and flavorsome chocolates are beautifully arranged in a fancy golden basket which is decorated with a big silk ribbon bow, instantly increasing the outlook of the basket. That was just the presentation, let’s have a look of what’s inside:

  • Godiva Dark Chocolate
  • Godiva Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel
  • Chocolatier Coffee of Godiva
  • Godiva Truffle Dessert 

Everything starts with chocolate and ends at chocolate, that is why we call it a chocolate delight. 

We offer Delivery 

You can see on our website that we are offering deliveries in some cities of Canada like Toronto, Newmarket, Pickering, Oshawa, and many more. Contact us at 416-568-8009 if you want to know more or book your order.