Wishing health and betterment to your closed ones when they are sick is all what they need at the moment. A message of hope, a wish of quick recovery and your concern for their wellness will melt their heart and help them recover fast. This time, wish them with a “Hope You Feel Better” gift basket to make them feel great. Since it is a gorgeous flower-y basket that will refresh your recipient’s mood.

You can send this basket as a token of care to your mother, father, sister, relative, friend or whoever is sick and wish them wellness and great health. This shows the love you carry in your heart for your loved ones because when someone falls sick they become more sensitive and feel little things. This gesture will surely take place in their heart forever.

Hope you feel better with Fresh Daisies :

Gifts have something magical in them, they fill the recipient’s heart with love and affection. So give your closed ones another reason to recover swiftly by letting them know you care. Combined with some red daisies and other flowers, this basket fulfills the purpose of both flower bouquet and fruits. Thus, making it a pleasant gift for them.

Ravishing Fruit Basket :

It is indeed a ravishing fruit basket that has lots of flowers along with fruits in it.  Flowers have a proven significant role in the quick recovery of patients. Square criss cross basket made up of wooden stripes includes: 

  • Red and Green Apples
  • Oranges
  • Sapodilla 
  • Red Daisies 
  • Orange Lilies
  • Long stem flowers
  • Light and Dark Purple flowers

Creativey tucked fruits and flowers in the basket look so stunning. You can order a regular or deluxe or premium basket as per your choice. Also check our hot selling items like Fruits arrangements and others here

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