The year 2020 will be remembered for Covid-19, lock downs, and chaos. However, the Holidays 2020 are giving us the opportunity to brush aside the worries and end this year with happiness. So celebrate the joy of Holidays by exchanging gift baskets with your friends, colleagues, and family members. It will not only strengthen your relation but will also provide you mental satisfaction. You might be out of the town or struck in the lock down due to Covid-19. You can still bring happiness and joy to the faces of your loved ones by sending Canadian gift hampers through gift baskets delivery Toronto. These holiday gift baskets and hampers will not fill your place however these will lessen the grief of segregation on these holidays. So send any gift basket Toronto anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area on the same day through GTA gift baskets.

How you can enjoy holidays 2020 with gift baskets?

  Holidays is the time, which we want to enjoy with our friends, family and loved ones. So you can celebrate the end of the year in the following ways.

  • Arrange surprise family gatherings.
  • Send holiday gift baskets to your loved ones.
  • Spend your time with your loved ones.
  • Bake cookies for children.
  • Buy or order online gifts for your children.

In holidays you should also share happiness and love with others and also to remember homeless people, people in hospitals, and people living under poverty line. Therefore, spare some of your time and present them gift baskets. These people will remember you in your prayers. Your this action will sparkle their faces.

Holidays 2020 and online gift baskets in Canada:

According to research report conducted by Statista, in Canada the holiday season is the busiest buying season of the year. Some details of this report are as under:

  • On an average people spend 1053 Canadian dollars on online shopping.
  • Similarly, people spend 119 Canadian dollars on gift cards.
  • Furthermore, the average holiday spending on toys for children is 96 dollars. 

This is not strange that people are spending more and more on shopping. We, as a human being, want to share our happiness with our loved ones. Therefore, everyone wants to enjoy quality time with his or her family and friends. So what are you waiting for? Order any of the holiday gift baskets Toronto available at GTA gift basket. We urge you to place online orders to remain safe from Covid-19. You can order from an array of splendid holiday gift baskets 2020 for the following:

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Wife & children.
  • Friends & colleagues.


Gift baskets 2020 for your parents:

          Parents are the well-wishers and supporters of their children in their whole life. They always endeavor and pray for your success. Therefore, you must spend your time with your parents on this joyous holidays. However, you must follow the Covid-19 SOP’s for their safety. If your parents live out of the town and it is impossible for you to visit them. Then you can order Canadian holiday gift baskets for them. We will send these holiday hampers anywhere in the GTA on the same day through gift basket delivery Toronto. We recommend the following Xmas hampers for parents:

  • Fresh Fruit Gift Baskets  gift baskets TorontoThis holiday gift basket Toronto is the combination of fresh fruits, chocolate bars and a box of cookies.  It will surely bring smile to the faces of your parents.





  • Gift Baskets Xmas hampers
    This gift is filled with the box of coffee, cookies, one bag of cocoa powder chocolate and English toffee. All of these things will keep your parents warm and healthy in this cold weather.  




2020 Holiday gifts for your grandparents:

          If you are lucky enough to have your grandparents alive then don’t forget them on this happy occasion of holidays. They yearn for their children and grandchildren on these occasions. They have plenty of time. So why not make their time more beautiful with your presence or with the following gift baskets.

This fruit basket is full of nutritious ready to eat fruits.






  • Arabian Delight Gift Basket holiday gift basketThis amazing delight box is a great way to share health and happiness with your grandparents. It contains dates, almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, pistachios and apricots. Each of them is a great source of iron, zinc, and vitamins.

Holiday hampers 2020 for your wife and children:

          Your wife and children are also important part of your life. Your life is incomplete without them. The same is true with your happiness. Therefore, choose the best of the best hampers for them. It will be a great surprise for them. Furthermore, don’t forget to add one regal holiday floral bouquet for your wife. Our recommended holiday hampers are following:

Gift hampers 2020 for your friends and colleagues:

            A good friend is the blessing of God. Similarly the same is true for your colleagues. We spend half of our time with our colleagues and friends at offices or somewhere else. Therefore, you can send hampers through gift baskets delivery Toronto to them. Or you can order some corporate gifts at your office to celebrate the happiness. It will also strengthen your professional relations. The following corporate gifts are recommended for this occasion.


There are many other Canadian gift baskets available for every occasion of life at GTA gift basket. You just have to choose one to enjoy the happy moments of your life. We are located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. However, we can deliver anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area on the same day through our best delivery services. After you select any of your gift basket, don’t forget to one of the following.

  • Personalized gift card with your special message on it.
  • A teddy bear.
  • Box of chocolate.
  • Splendid floral bouquet.
  • Lastly, balloons for celebrations of the event.

If you have any question then you can contact us. Our team will respond to all of your queries