Birthdays are always special and the people around you make them more special by sending in wishes, gifts, care tokens, and love reminders your way. Keeping your concerns in mind GTA Gifts Baskets brings you a unique, colorful, and cute Happy Birthday Fruit Arrangement that carries fruit, teddy bear and balloon. 

Gifting flower bouquets on birthdays is a tradition that is popular throughout the world but this fruit bouquet will serve two purposes; it substitutes bouquet and makes your birthday gift a healthier one. We get  the juiciest and fresh fruits from Toronto florists to make this fruity arrangement so you can enjoy the presentation as well as the health benefits of it.  

What makes this happy birthday fruit arrangement so special?

This birthday arrangement is so wholesome, you won’t feel the need to add anything else to it. It’s complete and marvelous in its own. It has:

  • A fruity bouquet which is not so common 
  • A stuffed, soft, and fluffy teddy bear
  • A round Maylor balloon with Happy Birthday printed on it

Alongside it is so flexible so don’t worry if your recipient loves flowers you can still add a floral bouquet to it, it will add to its loveliness. This is why we call it special. Check out beautiful floral arrangements by clicking here

We Deliver

Place your order now to ensure same day delivery at your recipient’s doorstep and make their birthday amazing with your surprise gift. 

Do not forget to add a birthday wish card to this arrangement to say your heartiest prayers to your beloved on the occasion of their birthday. 

You can directly place your order on our site, or can contact at this phone number 416-568-8009. Happy shopping!


Container may vary.