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Looking for some fresh and ripened fruits to wish your sweetheart a swift recovery? Here you go, Healthy Fruit Gift is an amazing fruit filled mug that will relish your recipient’s taste buds and help them regain their energy. You can feel the freshness and vibrance that it emits by just looking at it, let alone tasting it. The citrus fragrance and colors play a major role in healing and recovering. 

So wish a ‘Get Well Soon’ with yellow, orange, green and red colors. Send a message full of hope, optimism and happiness to those who need it most.  It’s not only limited to any specific person only, rather you can send it to your parents, friends, relatives, or any person who is close to you. It is a versatile fruit mug that depicts your fine choice. 

Speedy Recovery Get well Gift:

A healthy mug of refreshing fruits means a reservoir of vitamins and energy. It is also scientifically proven that fruits help in recovering injury and speed up the healing process.  For instance; strawberries contain antioxidants which provide anti-inflammation. Moreover, oranges need no introduction as they are a rich source of Vitamin C. There is a variety of fruits that help in healing and provide fuel for well being; some of which are included in the arrangement: 

  • Flower shaped Pineapple Slices
  • Orange and Green Cantaloupe Slices 
  • Orange Circular Slices 
  • Scarlet Strawberries popsicles 

These fruits are freshly picked from gardens of Toronto and placed creatively in a mug to give it a fabulous look. Thus it makes an amazing gift that looks great as well as tastes awesome. 

What size is it available in?

It is available in Regular, Deluxe, and Premium sizes, however you can make a customized mug with fruits of your choice. Keep in mind that seasonal fruits get out of stock when the season is over, so that might change that particular fruit’s availability. You can always reach us through a call or email. 

You might also be interested in knowing about the other gifts available regarding other occasions. Do check our Occasions Category and let us help you choose you the best gift.

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